Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics & Performance Guidelines

This Code of Ethics and Performance Guidelines (“Code”) for members of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association
of Maine (“HBRAME”) has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest levels of service and conduct in the
building industry among its members. Adherence to this Code is required of Association members to assure public
confidence in the integrity and services of HBRAME and its members. Enforcement of this Code is initiated by the filing
of a written complaint to the HBRAME Board of Directors who will review the complaint in accordance with the
Association’s Bylaws.

Each member shall use best efforts in the conduct of its business activities to:

1.  Abide by the bylaws, rules and procedures of the HBRAME.
2.  Comply with all applicable warranty laws and building codes.
3.  Conduct all transactions, agreements and dealings with customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and
regulatory officials [in a manner that is] free from fraud or deception, and comply with the requirements of the Maine Home Construction Contracts Act.

4.  Comply with all other applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.

5.  Maintain insurance as may be required by law, including but not limited to general liability and workers
compensation insurance, at a level that is adequate and customary for the business in which the member is
6.  Where applicable, meet or exceed the latest edition of the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines for
professional builders and remodelers published by the National Association of Home Builders, as may from time
to time be supplemented by HBRAME.
7.  Agree that this Code applies to all corporations, partnerships, and other business entities in which the member
or a principle of the member has a majority interest.

[All members] have read and understand all of the requirements of this Code and agree to abide by it to maintain [their] membership in good standing in this association.


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Expert Advisors - HBRAME and NAHB professionals are available to consult with members on anything from marketing plans to construction techniques at no cost. 

Unmatched Networking - Membership in HBRAME includes membership in the National Association of Home Builders [NAHB].  Connect with over 140,000 members nationwide.

Powerful Advocacy and Representation - Be at the table, not on the menu. Locally:  your Executive Officer is a registered lobbyist monitoring legislative issues, attending meetings, representing you on issues affecting your industry. Nationally:  NAHB is on Capitol Hill daily, speaking for you on regulations and affordable housing initiatives. Both associations keep you informed with prompt regulatory and legislative alerts.

Valuable Member Discounts and Rebates - HBRAME offers a rebate program thru Home Builder & Remodeler Rebates (open the HBRA Rebates tab to view the program) and NAHB's Member Advantage Program entitles you to discounts on vehicles, shipping, computers, car rentals, office supplies and more. Visit to view a complete list of participants.

The Newest Products and Services - Find out here first about trends, technology, products, changes.  We keep you ahead of the curve. AND -- Your membership in NAHB lets you attend the International Builders' Show at a low member price where you get first look at all the latest products and services.

Nationally Recognized Designations and Professional Development Programs - Maine is a "buyer beware" State. Home building and home remodeling/renovation contracts are required by the Maine Attorney Generals' office to have a very onerous addendum added to every contract which lists all of the people that the AG has sued.

Join A Council -  Councils and other special interest groups provide an opportunity to focus on specific disciplines within the home building industry and give members with common interests the opportunity to exchange ideas and further their education. HBRAME currently has a Remodelers Council and the Modular Home Builders Association. To see a list of all Councils go to:

Exclusive Content - HBRAME has an exclusive members only area on this website that offers up to date information on issues effecting Maine members and a members only Blog. HBRAME members also receive the NAHB NOW News Blog, the Monday Morning Report (published every Friday), the NAHB Eye on the Economy. All these publications come via email directly from NAHB.

Awards and Community Recognition - Members are able to distinguish themselves through a variety leadership positions and awards programs. Your time and service to the association and your community can provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how you and your business forging the future of the industry.

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Believing that home ownership is a cornerstone of The American Dream, the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Maine [HBRAME] dedicates itself to community-building, the professional success and integrity of its members and a strong economic future for homes and housing in Maine. Our members are professionals who sign and abide by a code of ethics, embody excellence in their work and their standards, and engage at local and national levels in promoting their industry.  They stay abreast of trends that affect it.  They learn and work both on the cutting edge of technology and in time-honored ways.  From green building to modular, log and timber-frame homes, they uphold the strictest performance guidelines in building. In addition, they take an active role in advancing the goals of HBRAME, through support of other members, promotion, education and advocacy.

The Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Maine is a not-for-profit trade association affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders ( a national association of 150,000 members representing the residential construction industry across the United States.

We are the only trade association in Maine representing the residential construction industry that offers nationally recognized Certification Programs and federally-approved apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship training programs in the construction trades. Our members build to the nationally recognized Uniform Building and Energy Code.

Our members come from all areas of the housing industry including residential, commercial, and industrial construction. They include renovators, remodelers, land developers, and builder/creators of single- and multi-family homes. Our members also include industry associates such as manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, architects, engineers, mortgage bankers, insurance/title companies, and attorneys. Together we represent a leading voice in Maine's burgeoning housing industry.