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Membership & Annual Dues

Categories of Membership - All HBRAME memberships include membership in NAHB

Builder Members are individuals who are directly engaged, through the company they own and/or work for, in construction of new homes and/or the remodeling of existing homes. These individuals may work in the field, in offices or in management. Annual Dues: $525.00

Associate Members are individuals who, through the company they own and/or work for, are engaged in providing services to Builders such as subcontractors, those in specialty trades, manufacturers, retailers, accountants, architects and those in banking, lending or real estate.  Essentially, any individual who provides a service to a Builder is designated as an Associate. Annual Dues: $525.00

Affiliate Members are additional individual members from an existing Builder or Associate member company.  Affiliate members have all of the benefits of full membership except the ability to vote at Annual Meetings. Annual Dues: $100.00

Remodelers Council Members are individuals who are Builder and/or Associate members that specialize in home remodeling and renovation. Annual Dues: $100.00

Please note:  Membership in HBRAME and NAHB constitutes membership for the individual, and not for the full company of which he or she is an owner or employee.