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Remodeling a Home?

Advice for Consumers

Let the buyer take note:

In Maine, businesses and/or individuals providing home construction, remodeling or repair services do not need to be registered or licensed.  However, many other trades that provide subcontracting services -- such as plumbers, electricians and heating contractors -- are licensed in this state.

Any home construction or repair work that exceeds the cost of $3,000 in materials and labor requires a written contract.

The contract stipulates the following: a description of the work; price; completion date; a warranty and a dispute resolution clause. Changes to any of the above must be in writing, and agreed upon by both parties.

An experienced contractor understands the full scope of a remodeling project, including its potential pitfalls and complexities.

Maine's housing stock is the oldest in the country. We've only recently developed a Uniform Building and Energy Code. Because of the unique challenges of any project, a responsible contractor allows for the possibility that it will take longer than expected.

Make sure you've clearly established your goals for remodeling and your budget, and that your contractor fully understands them. It helps to write down your vision, some hard numbers and specific questions before you meet the professionals who will be doing your remodeling. The phrase "remodeling" your home can encompass changes as straightforward as adding a deck or replacing an exterior door... all the way to redesigning your kitchen, adding another room or even a whole additional story. Look for a contractor who can provide evidence of experience and addresses all of your questions and concerns thoughtfully.

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